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Lupromax Australia make a range of lubricating products to service a range of industries.

Resistance to the movement of these surfaces is defined as friction, which can be either sliding or rolling, or which can be caused by the shearing action of a lubricant attempting to separate the two surfaces. Hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, and boundary lubrication typically occur in some combination in virtually all mechanisms which require lubrication, and most commercial lubricants are reasonably capable of doing the job for which they are intended.


LUPROMAX-EA Anti-friction Oil Additive

Premium Quality Engine Oil With Metal Conditioner Additive MEETS U.S. MIL-I-46152B

LUPROMAX-EA is an anti-friction oil additives concentrate, formulated with proprietary vegetable fatty acid ester and petroleum based product.

It uses heat activated chemical technology (H.A.T.) to achieve the desired lubrication results. LUPROMAX-EA when activated by heat, the E.P. agent in LUPROMAX fuses/attaches itself to the metal surface.  In this way, it actually seals the pores of the metal surfaces, thus smoothening out the asperities of the metal surfaces without changing any tolerances.

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LUPROMAX-EA is a proprietary metal and engine oil conditioner. It was originally designed for use in gear boxes and crank cases. However LUPROMAX-EA concentrate demigrates numerous properties when mixed with lubrication fluids, making it a very versatile additive for numerous lubrication applications. It is a non-particulate, non-harmful environmentaly friendly metal conditioner, thus, eliminating the fear of clogging your oil-filter.