LUPROMAX Razer 4T Racing 10W-40

LUPROMAX Oil with Heat Activated Technology™ is specially developed to Lubricate, Protect and Maximize your engine performance. A proven formula developed in partnership with car manufacturers and competition race teams, LUPROMAX RAZER 4T RACING 10W- 40 incorporates the best performing fully synthetic engine oil for on-road, off-road and competition 4-stroke motorcycles to provide increased power, optimum engine protection in extreme conditions for ultimate performance and reliability.

LUPROMAX RAZER 4T RACING 10W-40 with Heat Activated Technology™ contains LUPROMAX’s proven fully synthetic technology with a high performance additive system to provide superb protection for your engine, transmission, and wet clutch primaries even under the most grueling racing conditions. LUPROMAX Oil is engineered to provide maximum power for your riding experience.