Industry Products

  • LUPROMAX-EA Anti-friction Oil Additive

    Premium Quality Engine Oil With Metal Conditioner Additive MEETS U.S. MIL-I-46152B

    LUPROMAX-EA is an anti-friction oil additives concentrate, formulated with proprietary vegetable fatty acid ester and petroleum based product.

  • LUPROMAX-GA Gear Oil Additive

    GA, Gear Oil Additive, provides instant lubrication to the working parts during every start of the engine or machine. GA is a viscous gear oil fortified with metal conditioner and super lubricating agents to meet today's sophisticated lubrication requirements.

  • LUPROMAX-GR Super Liquid Grease

    Super Liquid Grease, LUPROMAX-GR Aerosol Grease is a premium quality, heavy-duty, multi- purpose grease containing proprietary Lupromax additive to combat against seizing, galling of bearings and special rust inhibitor.


    LUPROMAX-WRC is a clear viscous wire rope lubricant fortified with E.P. Agents & proprietary corrosion inhibitors. The clarity of the lubricant allows ease of inspection of wire ropes. It is blended with special refine white oils, E.P. and anti-wear agents for heavy-duty work.


    LUPROMAX-WRL PREMIUM is an outstanding, multi-purpose wire lubricant, with moly, for lubricatiion and hard film protection of cables and wire ropes. LUPROMAX-WRL PREMIUM is made with a high quality processed bitumenous base, fortified with additives for extreme pressures, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, and corrosion inhibition.

  • Metalworking Fluids Guide

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