Heat Activated Technology (HAT)

  • LUPROMAX C.L Chain Lubricant - HAT

    LUPROMAX C.L CHAIN LUBRICANT  is  a  high  quality, high adhesion spray lubricant that involves the use the Heat Activated Technology (HAT)  for motorcycle chains. It has been fortified with extreme pressure and  anti-wear agents to minimize metal loss of the drive-chain of the motor cycles. The corrosion inhibitors protect the chain against corrosion in tropical humid environments.

  • LUPROMAX-GR Super Liquid Grease

    Super Liquid Grease, LUPROMAX-GR Aerosol Grease is a premium quality, heavy-duty, multi- purpose grease containing proprietary Lupromax additive to combat against seizing, galling of bearings and special rust inhibitor.

  • LUPROMAX-X5 Super X5 Lubricant

    Specialty Lubricant Spray. LUPROMAX-X5 is a specialty lubricant uniquely blended with a hydrocarbon solvent that carries natural oil to lubricate quickly down to bare metal. The capillary action seeps lubricating oil into the metal surfaces, breaking the bond between metal and rust.