LUPROMAX Aegle 5000D Engine Oil

LUPROMAX Oil with Heat Activated Technology™ is specially developed to LUbricate, PROtect and MAXimize your engine performance. LUPROMAX AEGLE 5000 D 15W-40 utilizes the highest performance synthetic diesel engine oil that provides outstanding protection in both modern, demanding low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines operating on low or high sulphur fuel under severe on and off-highway conditions.

 This advanced synthetic technology provides maximum acceleration, torque and power for outstanding performance and reliability. LUPROMAX AEGLE 5000 D 15W-40 with Heat Activated Technology™ contains LUPROMAX’s proven synthetic technology that provides a high level of protection, reduced vibration and engine noise, and enhanced shear stability for a quieter and smoother drive. LUPROMAX Oil is engineered to provide maximum power for your driving experience.



LUPROMAX AEGLE 5000 D 15W-40 combines a blend of high performance base stocks with a progressive additive system to provide superior control of oil thickening due to soot build-up and high temperatures as well as outstanding resistance to oxidation, corrosion and high temperature deposits. It minimizes high temperature carbon deposits, a common issue with today’s heavily loaded modern diesel engines. Reduced carbon build-up means less rings wear and cylinder bore polishing, reduced diesel consumption, less ring breakage and piston skirt scuffing. Its high ability to neutralize acidic by-products from the diesel combustion ensures minimum corrosion of the engine parts throughout the lengthy oil drain interval.

  • Help maintain engine cleanliness and continuously prevent dirt and sludge build-up
  • Excellent oxidation stability that reduces engine deposits, viscosity increase and acid generation
  • Effective TBN reserves that neutralize acids and enable extended drain intervals
  • Highly effective soot dispersion and excellent wear protection at high temperatures
  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion helps extend life of critical wear surfaces
  • Tested and proven to deliver improved power and acceleration
  • Reduced friction and engine noise, enhances shear stability for a quieter and smoother drive